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The Music of Le Bon Vent is a fresh spring breeze that ruffles our feathers with boldness, finesse, and subtlety.
-Lorraine Chalifoux, director of Radio Canada Espace Musique

Tradition and innovation in the music of France: Le Bon Vent blends folk, medieval, jazz, and classical genres into a rich contemporary mélange.

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Goodnight Marc Chagall

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They can play an animated reel or a Gauloise-smoking musette, and they also can drift into jazz so trance-like that it borders on New Age ( Eriskay ), or channel the Windham Hill sound ( V'la le bon vent). Cristi Catt's vocals are both soulful and ethereal. If you're the sort of person who listens to Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Dufay, George Winston, the Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band, and Joseph Canteloube in the same evening (what, you don't?), Goodnight Marc Chagall should make you feel right at home. Let the good times roll! - Fanfare Magazine